Several days ago an email came in from our webhost with the message some of our websites are outdated, at least the CMS (Content Management System, the technical engine behind the websites) needed some renewal. For safety reasons we decided to take our website offline and build other and newer ones based on something else or some newer up to date engine. It's unlikely our older websites were invaded by people with less friendly intent, we would have noticed it, but we took the advise by heart and started developing new ones. Therefor the older websites, forums and other features are no longer accessible for anyone. We took them offline and deleted the whole thing for our safety and yours.

Now the new ones are under construction and will be ready when they're ready. So please have a little patience and come back once in a while to find out if there's anything new to discover. It takes time to build new websites and we haven't decided yet which tech were going to use, every underlaying engine has other features and possibilities so there's a lot of study to do.


The older websites were quite complex. Maybe not as complex as some very professional ones but none the less complex enough and it's impossible to build a new one in a couple of hours. Not even in a couple of days by the way, it takes weeks if not months to build, fill, test and place the new website online with every modern safety option thinkable. We want to make things safe for everyone to visit our pages with no concerns.

These newer websites will be much easier to manage and even more important, much easier to use for our visitors. Simplicity rules at this time, keeping it accessible for everyone.